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Volunteering is about giving a donation - your time, energy, expertise or money to support a cause which you feel passionate about or which is important to you for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is about you 'buying back' into the community and organisations that have positively impacted your life. You are 'paying it forward' (see our page on positive health and wellbeing).

The SDCLSA are doing just that. We are all local people (Snaith/Cowick) who, at some point have benefitted from the use of the facilities and want to make sure they remain an asset for the community, not least the school who also hire us.

In short, volunteering can be a really rewarding and useful experience. It is good for your health - and there are probably more ways of doing it than you may think:

Donate by taking part in an activity which is designed to raise funds to maintain the building; drag the family or friends along. 

Fundraising volunteering 

Join us on a collection day, cheer on runners, support the organisation of an event or activity or take on an active challenge yourself to raise funds for our 21/22 goal!

Become a media volunteer 

Advertising our work is high on the agenda and if you have journalistic skills you could support in this field, reporting or advertising our work.

Campaigning or bid writing volunteer

If you have experience in this area, your support would be very much appreciated....

Committee member


Contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

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